About Exeter Sports Academy

Founded in early 2014 by Ben Cheriton to service Exeter and the broader Southwest region, Exeter Sports Academy (ESA) provides first class facilities, training and fitness classes as well as highly configurable spaces for various sport and community needs.

ESA, through a dedicated team of trained professional personnel, provides a comprehensive range of indoor sports services including the setting up, cleaning and removal of specialised sports equipment as well as dedicated instructors and trainers for individuals and clubs.

Sporting activities are catered for through a versatile floor space comprising three distinct sports halls dedicated to martial arts, indoor ball sports and fitness. The halls are interchangeable dependent upon demand, and can readily be adapted into one single or two sports arenas to accommodate larger sporting activities and functions.

In addition, the facility houses a dance studio, gym and a physiotherapy practice.

The sports hall floor is laid to an extremely high standard incorporating “Area Elastic” flooring – a feature not available in conventional sports halls.


Why not watch the following video which tells you the story of our first year, details some of the fitness classes that we offer and tells you about some of our rental clients.



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